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    Blacklist many companies


      I am currently looking for the best way to blacklist leads who belong to my client's company to avoid sending inappropriate sales mail to them.
      I reviewed this article(Finding Competitors:http://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000Kypm), it seems like we have to input company names to the textarea. I understand I can put several company names splitted by comma, but I don't know if it works for hundred of company names.(I don't think so)

      Since we have hundred of companies to block, it would be great if we can find out a lead has the same company name as one in our "block company name list", we're going to create.

      I'd really appreciate if you could give me any solution or idea.

      Thank you for your time.
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          In Word or Notepad, create a running list without commas or other punctuation of all the names you wanted added. You can have hundreds of them. We've built Smart Lists for postal codes with nearly 2,000 numbers and the system works fine. You can create a Smart List based on Company Name or Inferred Company then changing the Blacklisted data value to True.

          If you know to do a reverse DNS look up, you can also lookup IP addresses of competitors or companies you want blacklisted and add them too. By setting the Blacklist value to True, you can see those Blacklisted contacts in the System Blacklist in the Lead Database tab.

          Hope this helps.

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                 Hello Miked,
                 It's good to know that it works if we have thousands of values.
                 I'll try to use it.

                 Thank you so much for your help.