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    User Roles

      Within user roles and responsibilities, is there there the abilty to create a role as specific as someone that can ONLY clone events and edit those cloned events?
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          If you are asking about cloning assets and editing them, yes you can create a role with that restriction.  Go to Admin->Users & Roles and create a new role as shown in the screenshot below -

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            Note this won't specifically apply to events, but all marketing assets
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              Great, thank you! I was wondering about events and this answers my question.
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                Has something changed in Marketo? I'm trying to create a role this restrictive but a) the options under Marketing Activities include more than is shown here (now includes list import, separates batch and trigger campaign options) and b) when I give them just clone and edit, the user still seems to be able to create programs.

                Ideally, I want a user role where they can only clone a program, edit any assets related to it and make edits to the smart campaigns within it to meet their needs, but then not be able to activate/schedule smart campaigns within the program until my team has reviewed them (actually, we would activate them after review). The above sounds like what I'm interested in, but is not working when I implement.

                Edited for further clarification: It appears that they can create a new program but not be able to put anything in it, like an asset or whatever. Which I suppose fits the purpose here but will be confusing and then frustrating for some of my users. I'd rather the software stopped them as soon as they tried to create a new program, with the same "you don't have permission" message they get for everything else.