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    How to effectively use Random Sample with other Choices

      Hi community--

      I am trying to A/B test emails in our nurture track. Most of our "Send Email" flow steps already have constraints on them, e.g. "If NOT Clicked 'Nurture Email #1', then Send 'Nurture Email #2'". I'd like to A/B two different "Nurture Email #2" but Marketo only allows me to use one Filter per Choice, which basically means that I can't use "If NOT Clicked" and "Random Sample".

      What is the best way to deal with this situation? Is it to make Smart Lists and use them as the filter? If so, what would the Smart List look like and are there any "weird" calculations/considerations that I need to be aware of?

      One thing I can think of is if I want to do a 50/50 split test, I'd need to create two Smart lists but guruantee that the two lists are mutually exclusive, i.e. if I use the filters, "NOT Clicked in Nurture Email #1" and Random Sample is 50, how do I create two lists with no duplicates between them? I tried the the following and it didn't seem to work:

      List #1 - "NOT Clicked in Nurture Email #1" and "Random Sample is 50"
      List #2 - "NOT Clicked in Nurture Email #1" and "Member of Smart List not in "List #1"

      List #2 yielded zero leads unfortunately. It seems that Marketo may not be rendering the second filter correctly because "List #1" has the "Random Sample" filter within it.

      Thoughts? Ideas?

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          Hi Hoi,

          What about requesting a separate campaign for the A/B test?


          If NOT Clicked in Email #1 - Request Campaign

          Then in your requested campaign use your random samples to A/B test your emails. Depending on how many emails you have in your nurturing, this could mean daisy-chaining a bunch of Smart Campaigns, but at least it gets the job done.
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            Hi Drew--

            I thought about this and this isn't really a viable option because, as you kind of mentioned, it really dismantles the organization of our nurturing track; creating a separate campaign for each email is a logistical nightmare (just thinking about Wait Steps between each email).

            But you are right! I can see how this gets the job done.

            Wondering if there is a more manageable solution though.