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Question related to the article "Get Alerts for New Duplicate Leads"

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Apr 23, 2013
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     I have a question related to the article Get Alerts for New Duplicate Leads.
     My goal is to identify all new duplicates within my database (not necessarily new records). I have read article and created following filters.
What I need to know is:
     - will this smart list flag any new duplicates based on either Email Address OR Full Name or just the ones that have been newly created and imported in database

     In order words, if an existing lead has two email addresses (e.g. cmaindron@ and c_maindron@) and the record number 2 email address is automatically overwritten by cmaindron@, will the lead be flagged in my smart list? or they won't because it's not a newly created lead.

     Same case scenario if a Marketo user notices a typo in an email address (e.g. cmiandron@) and corrects it, will the cmaindron@ lead be flagged as we now have 2 records associated to this email address

     Cécile @ Talend