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Progressive profiling and lead nurture campaign

Question asked by 98b59860c5c893015ba3f028003a8520f4c6d090 on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by 21346
We have a global asset form that progressively asks the lead questions to further qualify them - 15 questions.

In addition we have lead scoring that takes into account and scores ALOT of behaviors - clicks, downloads, and visits to certain pages, in addition to how the person answers questions on the form.

I also have set up our first "early stage" nurture campaign with each email going to a landing page that has a form on it.

With the fourth email I am seeing a drop off in people filling out the form. Do you think it is form fatigue? Is it really necessary to have a form for EVERY email in this nurture campaign?

How do other campanies do this?

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