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    Is Anyone Doing Funnel Reports in SFDC?

      I like the idea of using SFDC to report on the funnel for improved visibility to sales and leadership. However, as we know there is the great lead/contact divide.

      Elliott - from speaking to you at the conference I know you have an interesting method of keeping a count of leads/contacts in each stage. Have you been able to take that a step further and show conversion rates? Flow to various buckets? etc.

      Is anyone else using a SFDC dashboard to communicate funnel metrics?

      Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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          Amber Hobson
          Subscribing! I'm very interested in this because we're trying to break the barrier between leads & contacts right now. We've been working on convincing our sales people to add contacts to their opportunities so that we can finally get some real reporting. I'd love to know how others are handling this.
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            Josh Hill
            Hi Delinda,

            That's a great question. Amber's got the right idea to make sure Contacts have Roles on the Opp. At one firm, we said you could not create an Opp w/o a Contact.

            At my current firm, I am considering adding a new Opp Stage = First Meeting = 0% so I can show a funnel chart off the Opps. Of course, I'll still have to construct the TOFU higher up based on Lead metrics. That data would be based on Lead/Contact Stage.

            If you've got a strong SFDC team, you can setup a lot of this in SFDC entirely, but it will take programming. If you have RCM and Opp Analyzer working, that might help more.
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              Thanks Amber and Josh. I think I'm very close to convincing sales to require an opportunity contact, but that's actually not something we need for our lead funnel. When an account has an opportunity, the account stage flips and that automatically flips the stage of all contacts at the account regardless of whether or not they're on the opportunity.

              Josh - we have a great SFDC team and could customize something if I knew a way that it could be done and could give them some direction. Do you know anyone who has this type of customization in place?