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    Web Page Activity - Advanced

      I would like to get rid of Leadlander. To do so is there a way to get more advanced informaiton from my Web Page Activity Report. I would like inferred / known email address and name and company. I get all this information from leadlander. 
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          Marketo can provide the inferred Company, City, State/Region, Postal Code, Country, Metro Area, and Area Code from the IP address of a webpage visitor.

          I haven't used LeadLander, but they cannot infer/know a specific email address from the IP address of a webpage visitor.  I visited their website and discovered that they do provide a list of Jigsaw and LinkedIn contacts based on the Inferred company of the person that visited your website.  Marketo does not do this, but if you are already a Marketo user, it would probably make more sense to contract with these data vendors directly.  In fact, Marketo has a Enrich with Data.com flow action if you are a subscriber to that service (we are).
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            Kimi Heskett
            We ditched LeadLander in favor of web activity (both known and anonymous). 
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              Marketo does offer something similar to the LinkedIn/Jigsaw lookup when going through Sales Insight:

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                Suggested resolution - use a combination of internal alerts that fills in inferred information by way of tokens, in conjunction with a subscription of the Web Page Activity report that includes anonymous leads.

                Additional question - I built an alert like this for the sole purpose of eliminating Leadlander, but it isn't perfect - see the content at the bottom of this post. There is additional information that our sales team would like to see:

                - The specific URL's of web pages visited by the anonymous lead
                - The number of web pages visited by the anonymous lead
                The above in real-time.

                I know that I can get the information I seek from the Web Page Activity report, but that only runs daily, not in real time. Does anyone know how I can get this in the alert? Can I include a token that would send the salesperson (or at least our VP of Marketing, who is copied on the alerts) straight to the activity log in Marketo?

                Content of the alert:

                Hi {{lead.Lead Owner First Name:default=There}},

                An anonymous prospect just visited the website:

                Lead Information:

                Inferred Company: {{lead.Inferred Company:default=(not available)}}
                Inferred Country: {{lead.Inferred Country:default=(not available)}}
                Inferred Postal Code: {{lead.Inferred Postal Code:default=(not available)}}
                Inferred State: {{lead.Inferred State Region:default=(not available)}}
                Inferred City: {{lead.Inferred City:default=(not available)}}
                Inferred Area Code: {{lead.Inferred Phone Area Code:default=(not available)}}

                Activity Description:

                Trigger: {{trigger.trigger name}}
                Time: {{system.time}}
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                  Megan Emerick
                  I'm currently being forced to look at setting up LeadLander because it doesn't appear that we can get email notifications with the web pages that a visitor viewed in it.    I know how to dig this information out of Marketo, but no way to package it up in a real time alert basis that I've seen.   This really would be a nice addition.