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What is the Limit for Mass Sending Emails via Insight

Question asked by 584500addc3e2e16553026ee962f69a67f199fa6 on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by 2cc91fa0f848be0ffa2431ccbab38ff5d8cf9770
There's more to this stroy than the regular 200 as per Salesforce List view limits.

We have created a custom button so a specific group of users can send urgent travel alerst outside of normal working business hours (therefore no Marketers present)

So basically to get around the whole "List view only shows 200" and not giving these users access to Marketo (so not happening) the alternative was to create a mass email button on a campaign, therefore Tick one campaign and send to all members, exceeding the normal 200.

So far I successfully sent 65 via one campaign, however I loaded 260 fake email addresses into our sandbox to test the theory on a limit more than 200 and it will not load. note: these fake emails are not invalid yet as they haven't been sent aything.

I assume that marketo needs to look at every Lead individually to calculate Unsubscribes, Invalids, suspensions etc, but am I wasting my time because Marketo is restrcited to a specific limit at any one send?

Would love any feedback