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    14 Replies Latest reply on Nov 3, 2013 10:28 AM by 3bcff0e4dc20f30fc2b896ad6ed1f20c358a0617

    Dynamic Country State Pick List feature not working

      I followed this to the letter:, but when I preview the landing page with this form, I see that the state field disappears, but choosing United States or Canada does not make it reappear. Also, I do not have progressive profiling enabled.

      I've spent far too much time on this, have tried everything to get this to work. This landing page is not approved so you can't look at it, but I just wondered if anyone found anything funky about this feature, the instructions, or the zipped attachment list of countries, states, that makes it so it won't work. Or maybe you discovered some other way to make this work?

      I also put the Custom HTML after the form, based on another page I read. It's so weird not being able to see and manipulate code.


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