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Interrupting a wait step

Question asked by 28324 on May 1, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by Josh Hill
I'm creating a campaign to be triggered using Sales Inisght. The campaign will be used to put leads on a 6 week marketing suspend list. I want to create an email that will remind the sales person when there are five days remaining in the suspend that the lead will be removed and that they will need to add the lead again if they still don't want them to receive marketing emails. Here is the flow:


My question: If the sales person gets the "5 day warning" email and decides that they want to renew the suspend, is there a way for them to add the person again at that point? What happens if they add the lead to the campaign again, using Sales Insight? (befoire the flow has completed)

My concern is that there will be no value in sending a 5 day warning if the sales person cannot take action to renew the suspend at that time. My purpose for creating the 5 day warning notification is because if the sales person gets a notification at the same time the lead is removed from the suspend, it is possible that it would take them a day or two to renew the suspend (if that is what they wish to do). Leaving a window for emails to be sent to a lead that should not receive them.