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    Email copy

      I have built a new email blast and the text is rather long and I would like to limit what recipients see in their inbox. 

      Is there an EASY way to reduce the copy but hide the rest? ...maybe by using anchors? or 'continue reading'... 

      Do I need to create a landing page for continued text?

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               The short copy + "Continue Reading . . ."  link to a landing page with the remainder of text is probably the best approach.  Most of the approaches you'd use on a webpage to supress or hide text will be surpressed by email clients as part of their approach to security.

               Before deciding that short copy is better, why not run an A/B test with a sample and measure actualy conversion--not just open or click through on the emails.

               You may get more clicks on your "Continue Reading . . . " link at the end of a short email, but if you get fewer that take action at the end of the rest of your copy, you've hurt your overall conversion rate.