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    Help with Adword Tracking Setup

    Tonya Austin
      I have been searching all day and have not found a solution that works so I am hoping someone here can provide some insight. :)

      We have Marketo forms embedded on our website using iframe.  I would like to populate the lead source automatically depending on whether it came from paid (Google Adwords) or organic.  I found this article: How to pass URL parameters to a form in an iframe.  I am not sure if this is what I want to do though as I got it to work, just not the way I had hoped.

      I added ?lsource=paid to the end of my URL that I used in the iframe tag.  I also set the lead source field on the form to hidden and to Get Value from URL Parameter.  The parameter name I used is lsource.

      As I said, this worked but then I realized that it was going to change the lead source to paid for ALL leads, not just the paid.  I tried changing the URL for the page that has the embedded Marketo form so that it contains the URL parameter but it does not work.  

      I also found this article but it seemed overly complicated and I hoped there was an easier way :)

      Any ideas?  Thanks!!

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          The article you posted is the way to pass lead source from the URL string into the form on the iFrame. 

          To prevent all leads from having their lead source change every time they fill out a form on your site, look into Blocking Updates, see: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KypCCAS.

          Good luck!
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            Tonya Austin
            Thank you for your reply Jessica!

            This method does not seem to fit my needs though.  If I understand this correctly, it is only going to insert a static value (as specified in the URL string).

            I need to update the lead source field with one of 2 values, either paid or organic depending on how the person got to the page to fill out the form.

            We are expanding our Google Adwords campaigns.  We used to only use 1 destination URL that was only accessible by clicking on the ad.  I just set the lead source on the form using a default value.  Now, we want to use our home page as a destination URL for some ads.  This page has our Marketo form embedded in it so people can access it without clicking on our ad.  Any other thoughts are greatly apprecaited!