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    landing page analytics

    Kathi Gosche
      I have a landing page that I want to know how many people have visited in a certain time frame to evaluate the effectiveness of a publication channel. If I look at the Landing Page Analytics report, it shows 496 total views in the last 30 days. Since landing page analytics don't offer the ability to drill down to the people who have viewed it, I created a smart list. Using the "Visited webpage" filter and specifing the page, it tells me 6 people have visited. If I add a filter to include anonymous leads, it goes up to 12.

      Does that mean 6 - 12 people visited a whole lot of times, or am I missing something? Is there some other way to get to this information?

      Any ideas are welcome.
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          While 496 views seems to be a hefty number to be split between 12 people, it is possible that you or anyone on your team might have inflated it during the creation phase.

          Unfortunately, the amount of views you see when selecting the landing page doesn't keep track of unique views and counts every single visit. So if you sat there and refreshed the page 10 times it would increase the visit amount by 10.

          Did you happen to go to the page a lot during its creation? I still find it hard to believe that you viewed it THAT many times, but that's all I can think of in this scenario.

          Interested to know if anyone else has input.
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            Add a Min. Number of Times constraint to the Visited Web Page filter in your smart list. Change the value to 2, 3, 4, etc. and add the number of resulting leads in each of these to the original number of leads.  You should get a number very close to that in the Landing Page Analytics report. 
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              Michelle Tiziani
              Hey Elliott, thanks for that suggestion.  I was wondering why my twitter campaign landing pages were getting high page views but the clicks to the landing pages weren't reflecting how they found the page.  I didn't enter any seo information and did a no track or index  of the landing page.