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    Clicked link reporting

    Catherine Avilov
      We want to report on and see what individuals have clicked on what links in an email but we are finding it's not a simple task as our smart campaigns (using trigger 'clicked link in email' and then 'interesting moments') we've tried building aren't working. What is the most efficient way to build a smart campaign to track this? Do you have to use tokens?
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          Amber Hobson
          We actually, instead of building a campaign, use one of the analytics reports called email link performance. This shows for each email, all of the links in the email and then the number of total clicks and unique clicks. The one thing to remember is that if you use the same link twice, you'll need to add some coding to tell which is which. We generally just add "?text1" and "?text2" after the actual webpage in the link to differenetiate. 
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            Lauren Galietti
            I don't know if this is the best way to do this but you could create smart lists for each link you want to track. To do this, I would use the trigger "CLICKS link in email," select the email and then use a constraint to specify the link. If you want to retroactively see who has clicked which links, you can still use smart lists but don't use a trigger, use the filter "CLICKED link in email" and add the same constraint.