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    Who is responsible for data quality in your organization?

      Ensuring data quality (e.g. including data augmentation, standardization, cleansing, deduplication, monitoring, etc.) is often a shared responsibility among all the parties that contribute to and use the data; however,  one person / team may be the lead on this. 

      I'd like to conduct an informal poll of my fellow Community members to see who in their organization has primary responsibility for data quality?
           A. IT
           B. Marketing / Marketing Ops
           C. Sales / Sales Ops
           D. It depends on the data object (e.g. Sales for Opportunity records, Marketing for Leads, etc.)
           E. It is a shared responsibility with no primary owner

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          Michelle Tiziani
          B, C and E. I dedupe in Marketo, data associate and list manager merge in SFDC. Any leads coming in from PPC campaigns I track and determine if it's MQ. Other lead sources the data associate cleans up, reformats, populates missing information with data.com. I'm taking the lead on which records should not sync over to Marketo from SFDC. Our telemarketers help clean up lists too and determine if they are MQ as well.