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    State Auto-Populate from Area Code

      We keep our forms pretty short and don't ask for address, but need state in order for lead owner to be assigned in SFDC.  Is there a not too difficult way of having state autopopulate by area code when an individual enters their phone number?
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          Rafael Santoni
          In its current state you will need to do at least some type of mapping of all possible values that you want for the different possibilities. I would probably use a data augmentation service to integrate with the forms using some form of Javascript API service. Unless you have access to all possible values that you may need to map. And even then there is considerable effort. Good luck!
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            If you're looking for real-time updating (i.e. you want the data to pass through with the form submit), you'll need to do some javascript work, or you could use a service like ReachForce SmartForms (disclosure: We're a partner of theirs and sell their products).  You can see it in action on one of our pages: http://www.pedowitzgroup.com/solutions/revenue-marketing-cloud/marketo. When you select your company, the data is passed through into our Marketo instance.

            If you can wait until the lead enters the form, you could create a smart campaign that sifts through all of the possible area codes and assigns a lead to a state. ie:

            IF Area Code EQUALS 919, 910, 704, 252 -- Change Data Value "State" to "NC" (and do this for every area code).

            It would be very time-intensive, but should work once you set it up.