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    Building Campaign, Filtering lists

      I'm planning on buliding a campaign that uses the same email, but will be directed towards a new list of 1,000 leads every week.

      So... Email A --> 1st List of 1,000 Leads
               Email A --> 2nd List of 1,000 Leads
               Follow-Up Email --> 1st List of 1,000 Leads
               Follow-Up Email --> 2nd List of 1,000 Leads

      Within my program, I want to have one "Master" list, where every lead I add gets added to this one list. That being said, how can I properly filter the leads of this Master list per campaign, so that a lead doesn't receive the same email twice? Can anyone offer a good strategy?
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          I don't quite understand what you are trying to do but maybe this will help...

          I'd create two static lists (or however many you need) within program and upload the separate lead lists.

          I would then make all 2,000 leads members of the program (this way they are all tagged to one program and this would be your "master list"). You could make a smart campaign for this step that whenever a lead gets added to lists: (list all) then add to program with whatever status.

          Hope this helps!
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            I imagine a trigger would work, but adda constraint for specific dates that the leads are being added. Then also add a constraint on the Send Email flow step to make sure they weren't sent that email already.

            Trigger: Added to List
            Date constraint: Between x and y dates

            Send Email
            If Not Was Sent Email, email is "Email A"
            Then, send "Email A"

            You can create a separate smart campaign for each send, and just adjust the date range for the smart list filter.

            Hope that helps.

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                   But really, it looks like you're trying to create a drip campaign, where members of the program receive a series of emails in a specific sequence. 

                   Have you considered building a nurture program? Marketo just added the customer engagement program to make it very simple to build.


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                Thanks for all of your quick input, much appreciated.

                See, I'm not sure if this would qualify as a drip campaign. It's going to be the same email sent to one group of leads, followed by a different group of leads (but still the same email).

                So one batch of leads will recieve Email A - -> Follow Up Email (3 weeks later).

                Then a second batch of leads will go through the same process, but at a later time. So on and so forth.

                Eventually we would need to change the email, but I'd like to keep everything in the same Program for a specific sales rep.
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                  I understand that it's the same email sent to each person, but as long as it's being sent to new leads, the trigger will pick it up and initiate the flow to send email (under specific conditions), add a wait step, and then send follow-up email. Technically they don't have to be 1000 leads at a time if your acquisition strategy is more organic and staggered. Each new lead added to the list will trigger the same flow actions.


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                    I think I follow... I could either do your first option or the customer engagment program. Not sure which you find is easier...

                    Just to clarify: for each new "send", I'd have to create a new smart campaign and alter the date of activity when a lead was added via the trigger?

                    Thanks for your help Jessie!
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                      It really depends on how you want to report on this campaign. Personally, I'd use one smart campaign, with a trigger WITHOUT the date range, and then run reports when I need it based on when a lead was sent an email. If you want the segmentation of timeframe from the start, you'll need individual smart campaigns for each date range.

                      Just remember that when you use a "Trigger", you're setting it up in advance to listen in the future, but if you want to create a retroactive campaign, you'll need to use a "Filter" and set the date to a timeframe in the past, and then run the batch once.

                      If you see this as an ongoing "nurture" track - try and set it up in the customer engagement program so you can easily swap out content and have the practice to build more complex nurture tracks later. Otherwise a simple trigger campaign will suffice.

                      Have fun! :)