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    Sales Available campaigns

      This may be a silly question, but Sales available campaigns are the same as checking the box to publish to sales insight correct?  Does anyone have an example of how they have used the Sales available trigger to share?  

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          Hi Erin,

          A sales available campaign is essentially a campaign that your sales folks can call on from salesforce.  Publish to salesinsight typically refers to Emails not campaigns to make them available via sales insight.

          So to be clear: 

          Sales available campaign****** Good candidate for nurture campaigns that sales folks can add leads to.  For example, client's contract with competitor is active for 6 months ...add them to a 6 month nurture.

          Publish to Salesinsight = Emails *****Good candidate for promotions like invitations to Dreamforce or Your user Summit.

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            We tended to just use individual email templates for our sales team (via the "publish to sales insight" feature), but I have experimented with using the "sales available campaign" trigger, and allowed sales reps to launch their own small scale nurture campaigns for specific sales reps. I've always had some apprehension about giving my sales reps that sort of control, but it's totally possible to do.
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              We have a few smart campaigns that are available in Sales Insight by selecting Add to Marketo Campaign in the drop down list.  Below are those smart lists that use the Campaign is Requested trigger with the "Source is Sales Insight" constraint. 
              •           Marketing Suspend Enable - 1 Month - enables setting the value of the Marketing Suspended field to "True" for 30 days.  They get a reminder 1 day before the expiration if they want to renew it by running the program again.
              •           Marketing Suspend Disable - enables the ability to send Marketo batch and Marketo Sales Insight emails to a Lead/Contact.  For example, use this if you used the Marketing Suspend Enable - 1 Month campaign to block email being sent, but want to start sending emails before the 1 month period has expired.
              •           Unsubscribe From Email - enables sales to unsubscribe Leads/Contacts from emails.
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                In addition to the marketo campaigns exposed to Sales Insights, you can also trigger campaigns off of members being added to SFDC Campaigns.

                If you run into a situation where your sales people want to add a bunch of leads to a marketo campaign, trigger it off the leads being added to a SFDC Campaign. This avoids having the sales people call a marketo campaign from sales insights for each individual lead.