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    Flow in email campaign

      Hello - I am new to marketo and trying to define a flow.

      Our Demand Generation Process-:
      We have a series of 5 emails which goes every week to our prospect list, one email every week, all these 5 emails are different.

      What I need to setup-:
      1. If someone has opened the first email -> There status should be changed -> And they should not recieve rest of the 4 emails.
      2. However if they don't open the first emai, then second email should be sent to them in second week, then third week etc.

      Any help will be appreciated.

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          Hi Goldy -
          There are a few different ways to do this. 

          I think at it's most basic, you can setup a campaign like this, that says, smart list --> these people, flow... 


          Send email 1, wait a week, If they didn't open Email 1, then send Email 2. 

          However, it gets more complicated, because 1 week later, if they never were sent email 2, then technically they never opened it a week later. 

          So instead you'd need to create a master campaign, that adds people into this series of emails, and then campaign 2 is "Not was Opened Email 1" blah blah blah, Request Campaign 3. Then Campaign 3 is "Was sent email 2, Not Opened Email 2". Then send email 3. 

          It can be done as you describe it to be, but I wonder whether this is worth your effort. Would it not be easier to merely create an engagement campaign? Create 5 pieces of excellent content that everyone would want to enjoy, and not make your life complicated with campaigns and request campaigns. 
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            You would Add a Choice to your second Send Email flow action (the one following the 1 week Wait flow action).  The Choice would be "Not Opened Email is [your email name]" and the Email field would contain the name of the second email you want to send.  The Default Choice would be "-- Do Nothing --". Keep in mind that Opens is a very inaccurate metric.  Some people may have opened the email, but they do not display images, so they do not trigger an Open.  Some people may have a preview pane in their email client and even if the email is only displayed for a moment as they are scrolling through their list of emails, it triggers an Open. 

            So you may want to create a smart list with both the
            Not Opened Email and Not Clicked Link in Email filters that are OR'd together.  Including the Clicks filter adds some additional accuracy since you have to open the email to click it.  If you do this, then your smart campaign's Send Email flow action Choice would be "Member of Smart List is not [name of your smart list]".