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Form Question

Question asked by 29109 on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2013 by Calvin Lam
When someone clicks the "Submit" button, how can i set it up so it will email the form information to an email address?


    • Calvin Lam
      You can accomplish this by setting up a Smart Campaigin.  In the Smart List Tab, drag the trigger "Fills out Form" to the main panel and select the form you are interested in.  Next, go to the Flow Tab and you  can either (1) Send an Email to your Lead and/or (2) Send an Alert to specific people who are interested in this event (for example Lead Owner).  Finally, activate the Smart Campaign in the Schedule Tab.
      • Kenny Buckles
        You will also need to use tokens within the body of the email to populate the alert with the leads information.
        • Calvin Lam
          @Kenny - Great point!
          • 41383
            I'd recommend using this:

            The {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} includes:
            •           First name and last name as a link to the lead in Marketo
            •           A link to the lead in your CRM
            •           The campaign name in Marketo that sent the alert
            •           The time at which the alert was sent

            • Calvin Lam
              Good call Jim!