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Sales insight trigger campaigns

Question asked by 29109 on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by 600627fc64a6d68ee5543f5908014825c5b88e31
     We are setting up trigger campaigns for when an account representative sends an email through the marketo plug-in, in outlook.  Any idea why or what the purpose is when we insert the account representatives SalesForce ID does Marketo add in extra characters at the end?

     It is usally only a few and If I take the id which has the added characters at the end and put it back into salesforce to make sure it is the representative that I want, it always is.

      If i delete the added characters would this hinder the campaign from firing the flow action?  (our new trigger campaigns are currently not firing the way they should I am wondering if the added characters serve a purpose)  
     Any help would be appreciated.