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Tracking Cookies

Question asked by 33147 on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by 2039
The marketo tracking cookie is crossing over to our other web properties on sub-domains in which we do not have the tracking code installed.  For example, we have the marketo tracking installed on  However, our application often uses and other sub-domains.  We do not want the marketo cookie to be tracking user data from these locations, but our IT guys have reported that it is.
Our question is this, is there a way within the tracking code that we can say to marketo “ignore these sub-domains: [list]” and the cookie will not track those locations?
The reason is that browsers have a cookie limit for any given website.  Only a set number of cookies can be active for any particular web page.  Our product uses cookies extensively to maintain its functionality.  It is apparently causing problems because the marketo cookie is also loaded up, even though the user, while on *, is not on any page that has the actual marketo javascript tracking code installed