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    Program Cost Report

      How do I create a report where I can see all the Programs who have no cost associated? Not a cost of 0, but the Period Cost was not added at all.
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          Programs with no period cost in at least one month in the period being analyzed will not be included in any of the RCE reports.  You have to add at least a period cost of "0" to those programs for at least one month in every period that you want to analyze. 

          If you have a lot of programs this is a time consuming process and you may want to vote for the Incude Period Cost as default when creating a new program and Extending Period Cost Duration  Ideas.
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            Why would you not just go to a standard MLM analytics report, Program Performance, and look for all the ones which have no cost values?  I make my team put in a value of 1 euro if there is no real costs. For 2 reasons, So I can see them on this report to tell who doesn't have a cost assigned. And so I can feel good about myself when there's a ridiculously low CPM on a report, fractions of a penny. 
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              Adam's correct.  As long as you don't specify a Cost Period, your programs without a Period Cost defined will be included in the Program Performance report.  However, you won't get the Opportunity attibution analyis in this report as you would with the RCE reports.
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                Great, thank you! We have expanded our users in Marketo and are still getting up to speed on what is needed. I just need to create a report so that I can see which Programs were overlooked. 

                Thanks for the help!
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                  @Elliott Lowe

                  So if I create a program in January of 2013 for $100, and report on Q1, I will see $100 cost. I continue to add a period cost of $0 for Feb, Mar and April.

                  If I pull a report for Q2 of 2013, will the cost still be $100? or will it be $0 because I filled the period cost for April as $100.

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                    Ryota, you need only to add a period cost for a single month in a measurement period for it to appear in an RCE report.  So if you have a report for Q1 and have a period cost of $100 in January, you don't need to add period costs in Feb and Mar if the measurement of your report isn't just Feb or Mar.  If you want to report on program results in Q2, even if there is no spend, you'll need to enter a $0 period cost in at least Apr for it to appear in the report.  The program cost in the Q2 report will be $0.  If your report spans Jan - Apr, the program cost would be $100 however.