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    Managing a growing content database

      Hi Community--

      Currently, all our programs have their own set of landing pages and emails. For example, Facebook, Google AdWords, our website, individual list vendors - all of these are programs in Marketo. When we begin using another channel, e.g. partnering with another list vendor, we clone an existing program and then update the landing page URLs, smart lists, filters, etc. accordingly.

      However, we are about to add 10 new whitepapers and I realize now that I'm going to have to create 10 new landing pages for EACH program that we have, which right now, sits at 11 programs. This means having to create 10 new landing pages and then cloning it 10 additional times. Then, we're going to have to append all the campaigns that have the following type of constraint in their flow steps: "If downloaded X whitepaper, then Add to List Y", to include these 10 new whitepapers.

      This seems like an awfully tedious amount of work and I was wondering how others have set up their instances.
      How are people leveraging templates? We basically have 1 template we use for all our landing pages.

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          General rule to follow in Marketo: never create exact duplicate forms or pages.  What this probably means for you:
          •           You should have 1-5 forms (no two forms are the same)
          •           You should have 1 landing page per whitepaper
          •           You should create 10 new URLs for each page, not 10 new pages
          To make this work, you'll need to capture the source of the lead within the form, using URL parameters.  The Programs can listen for leads created with this source and act accordingly.

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            Thanks, Steven.

            The use of URL parameters is definitely something we use right now, and as you mentioned, we only have 2  active forms.

            However, if we switch to using 1 landing page per whitepaper, how does Marketo know which program a lead entered through? We need this functionality because our follow-up steps are dependent on which program they came from. More specifically for example, if a lead came through via LinkedIn and filled out Whitepaper A, they get added to a List and SFDC campaign associated specifically with LinkedIn - Whitepaper A.

            Right now, we have the smart list triggered by "Fills out Form" and the constraint Web Page is X,Y,Z, with the X,Y,Z being local whitepaper landing pages specific to that program. This is the only way that I've come up with to let Marketo know which program this lead entered from.

            Any thoughts on this?
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              Hoi, see this article on the URL Builder:


              You will need to adjust the smart campaign triggers, adding the source either in the trigger or in the flow step choices, but this will scale far better than your current setup.
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                I think adding the filter "Source = LinkedIn" is the scalable solution, instead of the constraint "Web Page is X,Y,Z"; we capture Source information in the URL parameter currently.

                Thanks, Steven!
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                  Steven, the URL you posted for the article on the URL Builder doesn't work.  Can you double-check and repost?  Thanks!
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                    This should work