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    Inaccurate Sales Email Report on Sales Insight

      We recently released Sales Insight to our sales team and trained them on how to use it. One user recently used the tool to send a Sales Email. The recipient responded to the email saying that they had clicked on the link and asked a question. Sales Insight does not show that they opened the email or clicked on the link. 

      I now need to explain to our sales person why this happened and restore their faith in Sales Insight :) Is this just a result of email settings and private browsing?
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          Hi Jason,

          The Open Sales Email activity is only logged if the end recipient's email client downloads all images embedded within the email. This may be the reason for not seeing the Open activity. In terms of the email link click not recorded we would want to check the URL for the link. The URL could be set in a way that Marketo does not recognize it as a link therefore not tracking it.

          We definitely can get to the root of this issue by reviewing the specific examples. Please have one of your 4 authorized support contacts submit a support case with the details.