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    Webinar Confirmation Email

    Kathi Gosche
      Is there a way to re-send a webinar confirmation email? I'm testing using Marketo landing page to register leads for our webinars and then send the confirmation email. In the test I did earlier today, the confirmation email arrived without the unique login link that GoToWebinar provides. I'm not entirely sure why, but I've made some adjustments and would like to re-send to test if it worked. 

      Here's my Program:

      Campaign 1:  Send weninar invite
      Campaign 2: Trigger = Fills out form, Flow =  Change Status in Progression > pending approval
      I manually approve the person and change their progression status to registered
      Campaign 3: Trigger = New Progression Status is Webinar Registered, Flow = Wait 30 minutes >  Send confirmation email

      Token used in the email is {{member.webinar url:default=}}

      Any insights would be welcome.
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          Opine Consulting
          Hi Kathi,
          If you remove the test email from the program you can then go through the registration process again. To do this, in the Members tab, select the member you want to remove and then use Change Status -> Not in program.
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            Kathi Gosche
            Thanks for the response Sheila. I tried it, but the confirmation email never came through once I re-registered.  Perhaps I missed something.

            I ended up going to the member tab of the confirmation email campaign, selected my name and from the Lead Action > Flow Actions, selected "Send Email" and selected the confirmation email. Though the email reflected the edits I had made to the email, it still didn't contain the registration link. I guess I need to investigate further why it didn't work.