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    Gmail Marketo Plugin - Marketo Email Templates with Tokens Not Working

      I've recently installed the Marketo for Gmail plugin and have been running some tests before rolling it out. We are very excited about this feature since our sales team uses Gmail and we've had difficulty managing their use of Marketo Sales Insight and Gmail to track communications--it's clearly time-consuming for them to jump back and forth between Gmail and MSI.

      In my tests of this new plugin, I loaded a Marketo email template that we've been using for a while--this template contains tokens that should populate the recipient's name, and contain the sender's contact info in the closing. Unfortunately, this isn't happening. I've scoured the Community looking for articles about this, but can't find any. I really don't want my sales team customizing their own emails EVERY time, but apparently, tokened email templates do not work.

      Anybody else seen this problem? Any solutions or guidance here? Thanks in advance.