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    Possible to put forms into snippets?

      I'm trying to figure out a way to make this work best. Here's my situation:

      A new user comes to my site:
      - Requests an asset.
      - They answer Part 1 of my form (progressive profiling)
      - They are led to a Thank You Page
      - They are emailed a link to the asset.

      When they return:
      - Requests an asset
       - They answer Part 2 of my form (progressive profiling) 
      - They are led to a Thank You Page
      - They are emailed a link to the asset.

      On the 3rd return:
      - Requests an asset
      - Immediately directed to asset (rather than Thank You Page)

      I've attempted to do this a couple ways:
      - with Dynamic Follow Up Pages (but have been unable to pull the lead information to accomplish this)
      - with Snippets (it would involve an extra step of clicking another link to get to the asset) but I don't know if there's a way to put a Form into a snippet to accomplish this. 

      Can anyone offer any help/ideas? 
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               You should be able to do this simply using Progressive profiling, except in round 3 they would need to confirm their email address.  So forms might look like this:

               Rd 1: 
               Question part 1

               Rd 2:
               Email (already filled out)
               Questions part 2

               Rd 3:
               Email (already filled out)

               Have you tried this or are you seeking another solution?

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            I'm hoping this'll be a feature in Forms2.0, If a lead has all requested values on a form, don't show the form & just show a download button.
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              @Steven I do use progressive profiling. I was just hoping maybe someone has done something really creative in the past to get this to work so that customers who we already have full information for dont need to see a form, or go through the autoresponder process. That they'd just see a Download Now button. 

              @Adam it'd be awesome for that feature to be added. 
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                I just wanted to note my own personal solution here just in case anyone wanted to know at least one way to do this:

                So, I've utilized Progressive Profiling, and everytime they go to an asset, they fill out a block of questions (3 blocks in total). After each visit, they are emailed a link to the asset. They are also led a Thank You page, informing them that the asset would be emailed.

                On this page, I've put a hidden form consisiting of a nothing but a submit button. I'll get back to this later. I've hidden this form by placing an all white image over it, effectively making it invisible to the end user. 

                I've also created a segmentation, that checks if a lead has filled out all the appropriate fields I had asked for in the form. If they had filled out all the fields, they are placed in a 'Captured All Information' segmentation. Using that segmentation, I've placed a snippet on the Thank You Page. The snippet for the 'Captured All Information' segmentation contains a code taken from Eric Hollebone located here: http://test.hollebone.ca/marketo-form-tips/#AutoSubmit

                So if we have all the information, the form gets auto-submitted (the form that has no fields, just a submit button) whose follow up page is the asset page itelf. The visitor still gets an email, but they also get immediate access. I know there are probably better ways to accomplish this, but I've found that this works for our needs.

                Thanks for everyone's help!