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    Form Action - Send Email

    Sherry Hale
      How do you make a form send the completed information from the form to an email address?  Example, we want all completed forms on a specific landing page to be sent to our general sales email to be vetted out.
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          You will need to first create an Alert email that has the same fields in the form and its tokens. 
          For example: 

          Name: {{lead.First Name}} {{lead.Last Name}}

          Create a program like below
          Smart list = Fills Out Form
          Flow = Send Alert to xxxx@xxxx.com
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            To add on to what Bentacular said, here's an example of what our demo request alerts look like when they go to sales reps. The tokens you should use are really up to you and your sales team and what you find is important info to know.

            It might be beneficial to include some other info that's not directly submitted in the form.

            Form Submission:
            Demo Request Form
                 {{SP_Send_Alert_Info:default=edit me}}
                 Lead Owner: {{lead.Lead Owner First Name:default=edit me}} {{lead.Lead Owner Last Name:default=edit me}}
                 Created Date: {{lead.Created At:default=edit me}}
                 Company Name: {{company.Company Name:default=edit me}}
                 Job Title: {{lead.Job Title:default=unknown}}
                 Email address: {{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}
                 Phone Number: {{lead.Phone Number:default=edit me}}
                 just requested a {{lead.Products:default=edit me}} demo.
                 Number of Employees: {{company.Num Employees:default=edit me}}
                 Heard about us by: {{lead.How did you hear about LLX?:default=edit me}}
            Comments: {{lead.Comments:default=edit me}}