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    Adding ?goal=pagename for tracking

      I need to add parameters, such as ?goal=pagename, to the end of our returnurl. I am using one thank you page for multiple contact forms. I need to do this to identify which form is sending information for our Google Analytics.
      Question: Do Ineed to add the parameters in the Marketo landing pages, or can we simply add the parameter for each page in our CMS? I am using custom landing pages and am not using Marketo landing pages.
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          Can you clarify your question - you ask if you should add the parameters in the Marketo landing pages, but then you say that you are not using Marketo landing pages?
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            Maybe Niki is talking about 'destination' page rather than landing page. I am looking for the same answer actually:

            I'm creating multiple landing pages whose form is embedded into our CMS templates. Each product landing page uses the same form and goes to the same Thank you page (also in our CMS). I want to make sure I can track from each landing page my leads are coming from. Is there a simple way to do this?
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              OK I understand now.  You only need the goal completion code on the shared "thank you" page.  In GA, under Conversions | Goal URLs, select the Secondary dimension "Goal Previous Step - 1" and a column will be added showing the originating page of each form submission and the number of associated goal completions.