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    Change Program Data - Success Date, not synching to SFDC Campaign?

      We run a report on marketing influence/meetings generated based on the lead's success with our programs. In the case of conferences, we usually need to take a few days before loading the leads into marketo, at which point the sales team may have already begun setting up meetings etc.

      So we religiously use "CHANGE PROGRAM DATA" to change the success date of these conferences to the actual date of success. Problem is that this doesn't seem to update the FIRST RESPONDED DATE at the SFDC Campaign level, where we run our reports from. 

      Ultimately, this causes influence from an event such as a conference to appear to come AFTER the lead scheduled a meeting with sales. 

      Is there any way to get SFDC to update the responded date automatically? I would have thought the synch would have taken care of that, but apparently not.