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    Complete program node disappeared!

      We executed a lead generation program yesterday with a massive email blast yesterday. The program was working fine till this morning and suddenly it disappears from the Marketing Activity tab. Tried to contact support, but no response as yet.

      Does any one experiencing similar issues?

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                    Hi Fahad,
                    The US office is closed November 28th and 29th for Thanksgiving. 
                    Longview Solutions subscribes Standard Support during North America local office hours.
                    Case 00203598 will be actively worked next Monday.
                    I have found program Customer Referral Program - New (#PG1149A1), consisting of:
                    Registered (ID 2320), created Nov 28, 2013 13:21:01 CST
                    Registered - Canada (ID 2317), created Nov 27, 2013 12:55:36 CST
                    Customer Referrals.Outbound - EMEA (ID 2315), created Nov 27, 2013 12:43:35 CST
                    Customer Referrals.Registered - EMEA (ID 1951), created Sep 13, 2013 08:50:00
                    The support case mentions "Customer Referral Program".
                    The assets above belong to "Customer Referral Program - New".

                    Was the program renamed? There is no immediate evidence of "Customer Referral Program" being deleted.
                    It does not necessarily mean it was deleted or not; the logs from the web server will be scrutinised by Support next Monday.