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Lead Activity Feed Missing Info?

Question asked by 12850 on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by 4f8fe15dff266eb608e10c69a51a9a0b6309c9eb
We've got a webinar coming up and an email was sent this morning to those who weren't registered as a reminder that the webinar is almost here.

The smart campaign contained a few filters, one of them being the "Not Filled out Form" trigger with the specific webinar form. A few leads still received the email even though they were already registered. In hindsight there should be another filter in there for Program status 'is not' registered, but shouldn't the "Not filled out form" trigger work in this case?

I went in to the activity feed of the individual in question and there's no record of him filling out the form, yet he's registered for the webinar. There's no indication of any status change whatsoeverr (from invited, to pending approval or registered) so I'm not missing a manual progression change. I've also confirmed with the individual that he did fill out the form.

Anyone encountered this or have any suggestions?