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    Preferred Email Width

      We're designing our first Marketo email template. Any suggestions on preferred width for the email header / body that works well for most email clients and browsers? 600 px seems standard, but wondering if there are good reasons to design to a different pixel width?
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          I've seen a number of emails with reduced widths--down to 300 px width--I suspect this is a  reflection of the increasing number of messages that are being consumed on smartphones.  Even a 600px wide email looks tiny when viewed on a mobile device, while a 300px message is small but readable.

          Given that every mailing list or database is unique, it probably makes sense to do some a/b testing with your database using different size emails and landing pages.   
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            Kimi Heskett
            I agree with Steve, depends on your audience. We do a standard 580 px width for our emails and use a mobile template when applicable.