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Three New Marketo Integrations to Read About!

Question asked by 30317 on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by Kimi Heskett
We have 3 new Marketo Integrations to be excited about!
  •           Box - Does your creative marketing team store their images and marketing assets in Box? Now you can access the assets you store in Box directly from inside your instance of Marketo. Learn more here!
  •           Vidyard - Do you want video data at the lead level? Vidyard gives marketers the deep video analytics they need to fully utilize video content. With the Vidyard integration you can see this data in the activity log of your Marketo leads and find out which videos each lead has watched and for how long. Learn more here!
  •           RainKing - Do you want to discover who your most likely buyers are? RainKing’s Marketo integration is a systematic way to get high-quality decision maker leads/contacts into your marketing funnel to improve lead routing, scoring and messaging. Learn more here!
For more information on all the solutions that integrate into Marketo click here!