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    Marketing Analytics Genius Needed in Austin, TX

      Ok, you don't have to be a genius, but super smart is definitely a must!  If you are this person, or know this person, please let me know.  Going to the Summit? Even better. Let's meet there and chat about this opportunity. Must really know Marketo - all of it, certified would be great! SFDC, Birst or Tableau, Lattice Engines or other predictive analysis, are all part of your world.  


      This position manages the marketing and analytic capabilities to support new customer acquisition efforts, lead generation and pipeline modeling surrounding demand generation efforts. Core responsibilities involve overseeing executive and marketing leadership reports on demand generation performance and progress to our targets for customer growth. This role will manage targeting and planning tools for marketing stakeholders driving demand generation efforts, and oversee tracking mechanisms to ensure progress towards targets. This is a key role in support of both planning and executive reviews across the marketing organization and will be central to ensuring there's continuous improvement in marketing pograms results designed to generate new leads and new customers. Success in this role will mean marketing executives, global regions and business units understand performance drivers for demand generation and have the information they need to make better decisions.