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    Adding Additional Guests to an Event Registration Page


      I'm trying to make a form to apply to a landing page for a event RSVP. As this is an open event, I would like to include a few additional form fields for guest information (ie, guest 1, guest 2, etc.).

      I don't want this showing up on any lead profiles, but do need to collect this info when people RSVP. Is there a way that I can do this? 

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          For my company, we have a custom field called 'Contact Sales'. Whenever this field is checked, I receive an alert and forward it to whoever needs to recieve it. We typically use it for forms when someone is downloading a whitepaper or case study.

          When it comes to events, I make it say "I would like to bring a guest" next to the box. When it is checked an alert goes to our events coordinator and she contacts the lead to get the information about their guest. I've set it so that the day after the event, the box goes back to unchecked.

          It's probably not the best way, but it works for us! We tossed around ideas like having a second (non-tracked) landing page for them to register guests, etc. I'll be very interested to see how others accomplish this.

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            We have a similar situation where we have numerous events that can be from 1 day long to 10 days long and each event can have 0-4 guests. So we built local Marketo fields (don't sync into SFDC) to capture these scenerios (essentially we have fields like Day 1-Guest 1, Day 1-Guest 2, Day 1-Guest 3, etc.).  With some javascript and fancy footwork we re-use these fields on the different RSVP forms.

            The one challenge we continue to have is if a lead RSVPs to two different events; the last registration will override the previous registraion's details. We do capture the RSVP in a static list but we would lose the detail.

            We would prefer to capture the RSVP history on the lead in Marketo but that doesn't seem possible.