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    Last Interesting Moment Not Exporting

      Morning all... I'm exporting a simple smart list, and one of my columns/categories is "Last Interesting Moment"... I see it on the screen, I select export all visible columns and yet... when it opens in Excel, the column for Last Interesting Moment doesn't appear... the colums around it do... but it seems to skip that column entirely.

      Any ideas?
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          Be sure the Marketo ID is one of the exported columns.  There are some fields that don't export unless that is present.
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            Good idea... I added both the ID and SFDC ID to the mix, and re-exported... the Last Interesting Moment Column DID appear in my export then however, interestingly, it added the new columns to the end, rather than a few columns in - as I had it positioned on the screen. All the same, the data is there. Thanks Elliott! - J
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              When you add new fields to a view, it always puts them at the end of the view. However, if you rearrange the view, the new columns should export out in the order you have them in the view.  I've noticed that the SFDC Campaigns field always gets tacked on to the end of the export regardless of where it appears in the view (possibly because it can be long), but it looks like the Last Interesting Moment field is another exception.