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Nurture campaign timing is off

Question asked by 98b59860c5c893015ba3f028003a8520f4c6d090 on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by 98b59860c5c893015ba3f028003a8520f4c6d090
Are there any tricks to getting my nurture campaign emails to send at a different time? It turns out that they are now being sent out on Thursday afternoon around 3 p.m. Not exactly optimal. I've put in rules "wait 2 weeks" for each email and unfortunately started out the whole nurture at that time. The large portion of the leads were dumped in at that time so it kicks off every two weeks on a Thursday afternoon.

Of course it's now dumping poeple in when they are new to the system whenever they come in - I have it wait two weeks and then it puts them into the nurture. Not sure how I would control that either with the Marketo functionality offered.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.