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    Using Marketo to market apps for Salesforce

    Anthony Pica
      I was wondering how fellow marketers are using Marketo to market their AppExchange Apps. Does anyone in the community have any feedback or insight to share?

      When someone watches a video or installs our app via the AppExchange, Salesforce automatically creates a lead in our org and automatically adds that lead to a salesforce campaign that we specificy. A new lead is created when someone a.) watches video, b.) clicks 'get it now' button, c.) successfully installs app. Salesforce also automatically populates the Lead Source field: http://screencast.com/t/z2Tugft5MP ("App" is replaced with the name of the Salesforce app).

      I should point out that if someone watches a video, then watches the video again, then clicks the "Get it Now" button, and then successfully installs the app to their org, there will be a total of 4 leads from the same person. These leads are eventually merged by our sales reps.

      Do you use a trigger for Lead is Created and then use the Lead Source constraint for 'starts with' 'SFDC-IN' to enter them into a nurturing program? How do we ensure that all 4 leads aren't entered into the nurturing program? Add a filter to the smart list for Duplicate Contact/Lead?

      Do you have one program for all your apps, or do you have a separate program for each app/product? If someone installs two apps, is it okay if they are in two separate nurturing programs, or is it best practice to be in one generic nurturing program?

      At what point should they exit the nurturing program? When marketing or sales manually remove them from the flow, or should they automatically be removed when they perform a success step like filling out a contact form?

      Any other Marketo users out there selling apps on the AppExchange and using Marketo to nurture the leads?

      Thank you!