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    Scoring: Programs or Campaigns?

      For Scoring, do you prefer using Campaign & Folder organization or Program with local tokens?

      I guess I traditionally used Camapaign/Folder but I am building two new Scoring Models and have a choice. It surely looks nice all organized in one place - I am curious if someone had experience with both.

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          We use smart campaigns in folders for calculating / recalculating the explicit (firmographic) score. 

          For the implicit (behavioral) score, we have a combination of both smart campaigns in campaign folders and smart campaigns in programs that are in campaign folders.  Generic activities like visiting a web page, clicking a link in an email are using smart campaign / folder, while our programs' smart campaigns for updating the program status also have a Change Score flow action that uses the appropriate My Token depending on the channel - {{my.Registers for Event}}, {{my.Attends Event}}, {{my.Vists Booth}}, etc.
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            Thanks, Elliott. One of the two instances has a series of Campaigns already set up so it will be easier for me to use Campaign&Folder versus the other will be brand new - I will try Programs.