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Marketo Event App Registrant Issue

Question asked by d24b68b69f5ae05210b0cf2b5dcb8806f594a1f2 on May 14, 2013
Has anyone had trouble with the Marketo Event app not pulling in all of the fields?  I host an event that typically has 30 registrants.  Most of the registrants are pulled into the app correctly, but we get a handful that appear with only an email address.  The first name field says "nullnull."  I double checked the form to ensure that the fields are required.  The data appears in Marketo, but is not appearing in the Marketo Event app other than the email address. There are often multiple registrants from the same business that do not appear correctly.  i.e. Jane from ABC Company, John from ABC Company, Sara from 123 Company, Mike from 123 Company.  Is this a quirk of the app, or am I doing something wrong elsewhere?