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    Better Looking Landing Pages

      Hello everyone

      What's the best way to create better looking landing page templates through marketo? I think that everything else that Marketo is able to do is great but when it comes to designing landing pages I find that it falls short. I want to create all landing pages through Marketo but due to its shortcomings, my company is having to use an agency and create a third party landing page and then connect that landing page to Marketo.

      Any ideas? 
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          Suresh Kumar Perumal
          HI Stephen,

          We are using "Design Studio" to create better looking LPs. But, of course you need little bit of technical knowledge to uplift your landing page UI.

          Could you plese be specif on your requirement so that we can try helping you out here?

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            We recently started using Unbounce as an alternative to Marketo landing pages.  It's easy to design nice looking LPs.  We just add munchkin to the page and display the Marketo form using an iframe statement, and it works well for our needs.
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              Amy Lepre
              I'm not sure what limitations you're encountering. If you are using a third party to create the landing page templates, why can't you just plug that HTML into Marketo? 

              Have you watched this course? https://community.marketo.com/MarketoBeyondBasicTemplates
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                It depends what you're looking to do!

                Using Javascript is pretty difficult to work into the Marketo editor, as are some fluid width designs. It's definitely possible, but requires some more technical knowledge. 

                Having someone design a landing page in a separate program like Photoshop, recreating that is definitely possible with Marketo. It takes some creative thinking, chopping up the images so that they'll work with Marketo's landing page editor, but it's very possible. We prefer to have an actual designer come up with the aesthetics, then someone with more technical skills can turn the design into a native Marketo landing page.

                Edward Unthank