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    Lead Score Field Updates Blocked?

      Is the Lead Score field blocked from updates by SFDC by default, even though in the admin section is says "Block updates from: None"? A few of my reps made some changes to lead scores in SFDC, but after the sync Marketo changed them back.

      I know this can be prevented by using the "Add to campaign" feature in MSI so that reps can run the leads through a score-changing Marketo campaign, but is that the only way? I don't see reps acutally doing that.
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          Steven Moody
          One sales-friendly workaround is to let them change the lead status and then re-score leads based on this.  So they might get a lead with status "New" and score of 100, but they change it to "Recycled" and the score goes to 20, or "Bad Data" and the score goes to 0 and an alert is sent to marketing to check the lead.
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            Jep Castelein
            I don't think sales reps should be editing the lead score field directly, but if they do, it should successfully sync back to Marketo. 
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              Jep - Could you please do me a huge favor and reach out to Robert Solis from support regarding case #00157794? I am seeing inconsistencies with SFDC accepting the lead score change and support is saying that Marketo should not be accepting the change from SalesForce. It's very important to us that it does! If there's anything you can do, or anyone you think I could escalate this to, please let me know! THANKS!