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Sales Insight Do's and Dont's

Question asked by 7595 on May 15, 2013
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We're putting together a refresher training fro our Sales Insight users and will provide them a sheet with the following Dos and Don'ts.  What else should we be including on the list?
  •           DON’T send emails to email addresses that are not the primary email address in an existing Salesforce contact record
  •           DON’T copy and paste links from a previously sent or received Marketo email into a new email you are sending using Sales Insight / Send and Track as the tracking code will malfunction
  •           DON’T forward Marketo emails you’ve sent or received to someone else as the links are tied to the original recipient and if someone else clicks them, their activity no longer will be tracked in their Marketo contact record
  •           DON’T create email signatures in Outlook that also have your email content above the signature block as this will cause open / click tracking to malfunction
  •           DO send emails to multiple contacts at once from a customized “Contacts” view or search results in Salesforce
  •           DO create templates in Marketo that can be used & tracked on an ongoing basis
  •           DO send emails to contacts in Salesforce from the “Marketing Sales Insight” section on the contact record
  •           DO exclude any contacts from your views that have a “Bogus Info” revenue model stage or whose Email Invalid field is checked when sending mass emails to increase deliverability