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Business problem - send email to users not leads

Question asked by b093267ccb31642285b8e148cfd72578ecc48a58 on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by Amy Lepre
Hi there,

     Got a business problem that I'd like your feedback on. 
     We have two databases we worth with: 
     1) Prospects and customers in SFDC/MKTO 
     2) Users of our cloud based software in our user database
     Generally, the people in our user database are not in SFDC/MKTO (e.g. - a university may get a license to our product and we'll have 15,000 new users instantly. They're not leads nor sales opportunities, just users of our product that we want to keep happy and communicate with). 
Problem: we want to send out communications to our users and track open rates, click throughs, etc. If I get a CSV of all our users and import that list into Marketo, it will create new leads which will then be subject to our scoring, lead routing, etc. and a current user could be sent to a sales rep as a new lead. That sales rep then calls that person and they respond, "Uh. We're a current client of yours, why are you calling me to schedule a demo?" Make sense?
     I'd like to send out an email from Marketo to use the awesome email tracking capabilities while excluding this list import for all scoring, routing, RCA reports, RCM analysis, etc. Just a simple email blast. 
     Would really like to use MKTO for tracking but don't want the users to skew our lead numbers. We're looking at other email service providers to handle strictly "user communications" and use Marketo for prospect/customer communication.

     Any ideas? 
     Thanks so much!