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    Seeking Marketo, HTML & Design expertise in one part-time hourly contractor

      PT CONTRACTOR (hourly) -Seeking Marketo, HTML & Design expertise in one
      We are in need of part-time help with designing email and and landing pages in Marketo, including
      Building templates for both emails and landing pages that are easy to use and modify (editable areas) and incorporate out branding in an optimized way.

      Looking for help in developing HTML email and landing pages and uploading them into Marketo programs.
      You have an understanding of HTML as well as what is required to build technically best practice emails and landing pages, bonus if you can optimize for mobile devices.
      We are a startup who needs help with quick turnaround times to get programs and materials turned around quickly. Can work remote.

      Also help with basic edits in WordPress on our website is a plus , but not required.  Willing to pay $60-75/hour depending on skill.