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    Conditional Tokens

      I'm looking for a way to show a different token if the first one is empty.

      We use the company name token in our internal email alerts to the sales team. What I'd like to do is replace the company name token with the inferred company name token if the lead didn't provide a company name.

      In my head, it would look like this: {{company.Company Name:default= {{lead.Inferred Company:default=none}} }}, basically the inferred company token would become the default for the company name token.

      That gives me an error, though. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?
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          I would try Segmentations, but have not personally done this.  Segments would be those with a Company Name and those without.  You would create a dynamic email and include the Company Name token if they are in the the Company Name segment and include the Inferred Company token if they are not.
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            Jep Castelein
            Great solution Elliott, that should work. 

            I would also consider the simple solution of printing out both Company and Inferred Company fields in the email alert. This will give the sales reps more info, which is also interesting if someone provides an incorrect company name, but the inferred company is correct. Alternatively, if company is blank and inferred is Comcast or Roadrunner, the rep can see that this is inferred and therefore less reliable (and in this example, it probably is an ISP). 
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              Thanks for the suggestion, Elliot -- that makes sense.

              Jep, that's what we're doing now. I wasn't clear in my original post, but I'm talking about using the company/inferred company name in the subject line of the alert. Right now a lot of them default to "unknown" which makes them link together in gmail and it gets confusing. The segmentation thing should work, though if anyone has another/simpler solution please let me know!