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    Company Specific Web Traffic Alerts

      Is it possible to set up an alert that activates when more than X number of people from a specific company visit my website in a defined amount of time?
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          What you'd need is account scoring.  See this idea: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoIdeaDetail?id=08750000000HrgJAAS
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            Thanks Steven,

            But let me clarify something -- I am not looking to score these (not that that would be a bad idea), just give my AM's a heads up if/when multiple people from one of their accounts are coming to our website.

            I'll check out your account scoring idea.
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              I don't think an Account Score would exactly accomplish this due to the requirement that it is triggered by a minimum number of leads that visit in a specified time period. 

              You could partially get there by creating a "Visited Web Site This Week" field on your Contact records and Marketo would change its value to 1 if they visit the website during the week.  Then you'd add a "# of Contacts That Visited Web Site This Week" roll-up summary field on the Account object that would sum these values for all the Contacts at the Account.  This field would be synched to Marketo and you could trigger off of it when it exceeded the desired count.  You'd reset the field value on the Contact records to zero each week.  Unfortunately, the time period is fixed and not a rolling time period.

              What is needed is a new filter "Company Visted Web Page" that would aggregate the visits of everyone at the company and in addition to the Date of Activity and the Min. Number of Times constraints, it would have a Min. Number of Leads constraint.  I'll submit an Idea for this.
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                Wow, I had never consdiered something like this, but it sounds like it would work.

                Not sure we have the internal bandwith to implement something like this, but it is a very interesting work around. Thanks for submitting it.