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Recurring issues with failed campaigns

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by 5390

In the last weeks we have been experiencing a series of issues with our campaigns. In the past, it was not unusual that the lists were taking a bit of time to run or that we had to launch a campaign w/o knowing how many leads it was going to target. But now a good chunk of our campaigns are delayed or fail. We have tried everything: simplyfing our filters, using static lists instead of dynamic lists, using segments. Nothing helps. The situation is getting worse and so far we haven't received much help from the support.

Are you experiencing the same issues? If yes, can you give me your use case so I can see if there are common patterns.

Our use case:
- Enterprise Edition (but we are not using partitions/workspaces yet: can that help?)
- Issues touching mostly EMEA campaigns
- Our data are hosted by MKTO server based in the US
- 3,000,000 records (2/3 anonymous)

Cécile @ Talend